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Musical Instruments at Kiddoz Express

Bring out your inner musician, or help a future musician in the making with our selection of musical instruments. We have instruments for adults and kids, such as electric drums, keyboards, saxophones, clarinets and trumpets. We also carry accessories that complete your electric piano setup.

Drum Kits

Rock out like a pro with an electronic drum kit. Plug your headphones in for private practice, or connect to your PA system, amplifier or recording console for loud sound. There’s even an aux input to connect your smart phone or music player for instant practice and accompaniment.


Kiddoz Express has electric keyboards that give you authentic piano sound in a portable, more affordable package. Players of any level will enjoy built-in songs and educational features. If you’re looking for variety, we carry electric keyboards that also cover a wide range of instruments like strings, brass, guitar, and even sound effects!

Woodwind & Brass

We offer trumpets, saxophones, and clarinets that are perfect for beginner and intermediate music students. With great sound projection and clarity, you'll be heard when you're performing in the school band practice room or outside in the marching band.


Get the accessories you need to go along with your digital piano or electric keyboard. We have height-adjustable piano benches, portable stands, and AC power adapters that work with most Casio keyboards.